Friday, June 23, 2017

Potential IDOT Shut-Down would Delay Project

Work Performed, June 19th to June 23rd   
·         Installed water main between Church Street and Waukegan Road
·         Performed necessary testing and receiving necessary approvals prior to placing new water main into service
·         Storm sewer installation
·         Poured concrete sidewalk along the west side of Pine Street
·         Poured concrete sidewalk along the north side of Glenview Road east of Pine Street

Work Anticipated to be Performed, June 26th to June 30th
·         Replace water services to all buildings from Church Street to Waukegan Road
·         Make connections to existing water main on side streets
·         Complete storm sewer installation
·         Install permanent asphalt patching in excavated trenches from Church Street to Waukegan Road
·         Pour remaining concrete sidewalk that has been removed to-date
·         Remove full roadway closure along Glenview Road between Church Street and Waukegan Road
·         Remove detour route
·         General site clean-up in preparation for July 4th weekend and potential IDOT shut-down.

As you may be aware or heard in the news, the State of Illinois has not passed a budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Due to the fact a budget has not been passed, all projects with State / Federal Funding have been order to stop construction on Friday, June 30th until a budget or other spending measure is passed by the legislature.

The Glenview Road Streetscape project does include State / Federal funding; therefore, construction is currently anticipated to stop on June 30th. Prior to that date, the contractor is hoping to have all the underground utility work and permanent patching completed between Church Street and Waukegan Road. Should this work be completed, the full roadway closure and detour route will be taken down for Glenview Road between Church Street and Waukegan Road.
In order to get as much work as possible completed, the contractor will be working this Saturday, June 24th from 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  Also, the contractor will begin work each morning at 6:00 AM for the entirety of the week.

The contractor will also perform general site clean-up and review the traffic control devices prior the July 4th Weekend.

We apologize for the inconvenience for these delays, but unfortunately there is nothing the Village of Glenview can do in this situation until the State Legislature / IDOT authorizes work to resume.


Thanks again for all your patience.