Monday, October 2, 2017

First Layer of Asphalt Paved. Landscaping to Begin

Work Performed, September 25th to September 29th
·         Performed asphalt pavement patching in areas of failed pavement.
·         Cleaned and prepped roadway for first layer of asphalt pavement
·         Excavated proposed planting beds to remove unsuitable materials prior to planting.
·         Installed electrical outlets and lighting
·         Installed first layer of asphalt pavement

Work Anticipated to be Performed, October 2nd to October 6th   
·         Adjust manholes to final grade after paving first layer of asphalt pavement
·         Add topsoil to planting beds
·         Plant trees in planting beds
·         Install electrical outlets
·         Perform traffic signal work
·         Continue with irrigation system work.

The project has hit another significant milestone, installation of the first layer of asphalt pavement. Once the asphalt pavement is installed, the amount of dust will be greatly reduced and a smooth driving surface will be provided.

The contractor will perform manhole adjustments over the next week. As this process occurs, vehicles will need to maneuver around additional barrels and barricades to avoid hitting the raised manhole covers.

The contractor will begin planting trees as well next week. The contractor will only plant the trees during this construction season. The remaining shrubs and perennial plantings will be planted in the Spring of 2018 to provide a better chance of survival.

If all goes as planned, a majority of the construction will be completed around mid-October.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Pavement Milling Completed. Patching to be performed Next Week

Work Performed, September 18th to September 22nd  
·         Milled existing pavement along project site.
·         Installed temporary pavement marking to delineate lanes.
·         Completed water main repairs previously identified
·         Performed cleaning and sealing of stamped concrete.
·         Irrigation piping and nozzle installation.

Work Anticipated to be Performed, September 25th to September 29th  
·         Evaluate pavement for locations to be patched
·         Perform pavement patching at locations of failed pavement base
·         Continue cleaning and sealing stamped concrete
·         Excavation and installation of topsoil in planning beds
·         Begin installing plant material in beds.

Roadway work will continue along Glenview Road next week.  The contractor will perform patching of failed sections of roadway. Once the pavement patching is completed, the first layer of asphalt pavement will be completed.  It anticipated the first layer of asphalt pavement will be installed the week of October 2nd.

Landscape restoration / installation of planting materials is also expected to begin next week.

Thanks again for all your patience as you dealt with the travel delays associated with the pavement milling process. Delays will continue as the work performed is primarily within the roadway. Please use caution and be patient.